Founder- CEO

First of all, I would like to send you our respectful greetings and best wishes! As a Vietnamese living and working for 20 years in Japan. Experienced in living and working environment, with determination to learn to approach modern Japanese Industrial – Agricultural Development.

2002: Establishing Hoang Duc Joint Stock Company in Japan

2004: Establishing Lap Duc Service Trading Production Company Limited in Vietnam.

Business activities – Services – Production, Import-Export.

With the Board of Directors along with 70 employees of the relevant departments

I am always concerned about bringing in modern machinery and technology to create Japanese quality products to serve the Vietnamese people. Bring them reliable, top quality brands.

With determination to strive for common goals not for personal gain to help sustain growth. I think success is not simply about numbers, but also about the success of strategic partnerships, suppliers and customer satisfaction about the product.

With the commitment and guarantee of the core values

“Prestige – Quality – Respect”

To become a reliable companion in all activities.

Best regards.

Hoang Duc Joint Stock Company was established in 2002, is an Import and Export Trading Company of machinery, heavy industrial equipment, high-tech agriculture, forklifts, specialized motor vehicles, lines variety in Japan. In which, lifting equipment industry (forklift, electric forklift, oil forklift, gas forklift, hand lift truck, etc.) is one of the key industries of the Company.


– Technical Advisor: HAJIME OKUIZUME

– Business Advisor: Dr. of Agriculture KAZUNORI KATO


– Specializing in purchasing: Lifting equipment (forklift, electric forklift, oil forklift, hand forklift), Agricultural and fishery machinery.

– Export: Lap Duc Production Trading Service Company Limited. Australia, Cambodia, Laos …

Source of goods purchased directly from major car manufacturers such as: KOMATSU, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI, NICHIYU, NISSAN, TCM The vehicle purchased is a vehicle with the remaining quality of over 85%, clear origin, tested before giving imported to Lap Duc Company.